C-N-C Academy Illinois Concealed Carry License Classes in Schaumburg

Helping Good People Carry 2 Defend


Top Rated Illinois Concealed Carry License Classes

  • Taught by USCCA Certified Professionals
  • Built for Those Who Want to Responsibly Protect
  • Become Your Family’s Ultimate Protector
  • Carry With Confidence
  • Become Empowered To Defend You And Your Family During A Self-Defense Incident
  • Feel More Confident Handling a Firearm
  • Your Journey to Firearms Confidence Starts Here
  • CCL Certification That Satisfies Illinois State Requirement.

Illinois Concealed Carry License Classes

This Course requires 16 hours, Wed & Thur Classes or Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5pm

**Price Covers both days and Range fee. Our Classes use the best of the USCCA(United States Concealed Carry Association) concealed carry license course that is an excellent way to introduce yourself to gun safety. In addition to basic firearm handling, as well as familiarizing yourself with Illinois firearm laws. Successful completion of this course will exceed the minimum requirements of the state of Illinois to obtain your concealed carry license.

Illinois Concealed Carry License Classes background


This course requires 3 hours Wed, 5pm to 8pm or Sat, 10am to 1pm. **Price covers class and range fee.

The State of Illinois requires all License holders to renew every 5 years. A 3 hour Renewal class must be completed in order receive the new Renewal Certificate, which is required for the renewal application process.

Do not let the license expire. If the license is expired. It will require a new 16 hour course.

Our Mission Statement

Helping Good People Carry 2 Defend. Wanting to help as many 2nd Amendment supporters as possible to learn the proper safety and handling of firearms. From the most advanced to beginners, our classes have something to offer everyone.

Dedicated Instructor

All Classes offered by C-N-C Academy are taught by our instructor that is a Certified USCCA Instructor (United States Concealed Carry Association) Certified NRA Instructor and NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. All Course Curriculums and Instructors are Certified by the Illinois State Police.

Our Classroom

We have a dedicated classroom in Cook County Illinois: We utilize Laser Sirt pistols for gun handling training, Safety Matters! We use the USCCA curriculum powerpoint presentation which we display on a large 65″ HD TV. We have complimentary beverages and snacks available. We provide pens for taking notes.

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