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USCCA Membership

USCCA Membership, The USCCA is the first and largest member-owned association designed to educate, train, & insure responsibly armed Americans. The USCCA offers an insurance-backed benefit called the Self-Defense SHIELD, which provides members with up to $1,125,000 in civil and criminal liability protection. The USCCA memberships offer the most comprehensive legal and financial protection for American gun owners

Concealed Carry Magazine

Concealed Carry Magazine is the most important resource when you carry firearms for personal defense. More than 100,000 of your fellow responsibly armed Americans read every issue of Concealed Carry Magazine from cover to cover. With insight from nationally-known trainers and self-defense experts and no-holds-barred, politically incorrect commentary, Concealed Carry Magazine is The Ultimate Resource For Anybody Who Carries A Gun. When you subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine, you’re not only joining a growing group of like-minded Americans who will do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe, you’re becoming part of a unified group of responsibly armed Patriots.