Illinois CCL Classes Weekend

IL CCL Classes Weekends



IL CCL Classes Weekends


IL CCL CLASSES WEEKEND Saturday & Sunday Course is a 2 day Class 9am to 5pm these must be done consecutively.
**Price includes Classes and Range fee.

For your convenience Fingerprint vendor is onsite. An additional $65 fee will be collected by vendor.(Fingerprints are Optional)
Dates listed have seats available

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IL CCL CLASSES WEEKENDS SATURDAY & SUNDAY (United States Concealed Carry Association) USCCA 16 hours concealed carry license course is an excellent way to introduce yourself to gun safety. In addition to basic firearm handling. As well as familiarizing yourself with Illinois firearm laws. Successful completion of this conceal and carry course will exceed the minimum requirements for the state of Illinois for you to obtain your concealed carry license. These classes run Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5pm most be completed consecutively.

IL CCL Classes in Schaumburg.

You may also apply for a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearms License by taking this class. Therefore both licenses will allow you to carry in up to 37 States. USCCA Certified Concealed Carry License Class for Illinois and Florida.

Carl Traub is a USCCA-Certified Instructors, Makes me licensed to use their excellent training curriculum to teach our students everything from concealed carry gun laws to shooting and home defense fundamentals. In addition, PowerPoints, videos, and training books are the some of the best in the industry. Also get a discount when you become a USCCA Member.

I also recommend adding to your cart the USCCA textbook to help follow along in class and keep from having to take notes. This guide covers the complete powerpoint presentation giving you a great reference guide to look back at.

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